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WR Grid Frequency
Last Updated at :
23-Oct-2014 14:08:05
Deviation Rate (Rs/Unit)
Current Sch Rev No.&Time
41 13:23
Reason : guj in vstps 2
Changes Made In Last Rev.
Flash report : PRELIMINARY REPORT of Loss of Synchronization on 16-10-14 REPLY AFFIDAVIT FILED BY WRLDC IN SUO-MOTO PETITION SM/008/2014. Flash report : 3rd Meeting of Validation Committee for 3rd quarter of the year 2014 – 2015   CERC approved procedure for drawal of start-up power   New format for Affidavit for No Objection or Prior Standing Clearance for Bilateral and for Collective transactions   Affidavit filed by WRLDC Petition no. SM0052014   Procedure for integration of New Elements into Grid.   LIST OF IMPORTANT GRID ELEMENTS in WR_May_2014   CERC order on RLDC Fees n Charges for the control period 2014-19  Internship Gudilenes POSOCO WRLDC,Mumbai  PoC Order for 2014-15 (Q2) Facilitating Testing of New Generating Units Cooperation Requested from All Stakeholders UPDATED RTU STATUS ( WR) AS PER COMMISSION DIRECTION dtd 22-05-2014              PRELIMINARY REPORT ON Aurangabad Bus Trip_09-06-14  Trial module of STOA software        Alternate Link to Trial module of STOA software  
      WRLDC is the apex body to ensure integrated operation of the power system in the Western Region.
    The main responsibilities of WRLDC are:
  • Monitoring of system parameters and security.
  • To ensure the integrated operation of the power system grid in the region. 
  • System studies, planning and contingency analysis.
  • Analysis of tripping/disturbances and facilitating immediate remedial measures.
  • Daily scheduling and operational planning.
  • Facilitating bilateral and inter-regional exchanges.
  • Computation of energy despatch and drawal values using SEMs.
  • Augmentation of telemetry, computing and communication facilities.
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